book title
3-sentence summary
teacher inials
1 the best of every thing football book
shane fredrick
i learned that a football field is 53.3 yards wide. and the orange pole at the four corners of the end zone is a pylon. and also there are 16 animal NFL team names.
2 red zone
Ronda and tiki barber
the beet the rockets in the playoff 17 -16. tiki got the chikken pox. and they lost the championships
3 spaceheadz
Shane prigmore
a boy named michel k moves to a new school.his teacher puts him in a horrable grroup he says.the have a pet hamster and he always escapes his cage.
cabin fever
Jeff kinney
Greg and his family get trapped in his cabin because of snow.They are running low on food and a few days latter they found manny in his room with max heat and all the food. After a few days it melted
5 dog days
jeff Kinney
Greg and his friend rowly go to the beach. Gdose like the beach so his dad picks him up. Then him and his family go to the pool and he sees a girl he has crush on. So he dose evrey thing she says. And then he wants to go to the pool every day,but his mom sas no so he found a girl bike in his neighbors out for trash,and he goes every day.
6 movie diarry
jeff Kinney
the use a bulescreen to show settings. all of the charaters have a stunt debel. they used 3 diffrent schools for the middle school
7 the ugly truth
Jeff Kinney
Greg starts going though pubrtey. Greg and his class have to take care of an egg for 25% of there health class grade. Greg and his English class have to stay the night at school.
8 Alien,go home!
seddon johnson
so a boy aka you sees a space shuttle fly and crash. then he finds an alien robot.then a hilicoper finds him and takes him to a sintist and you get a job for the sincetist,and he dose brain tests on the alien ,and the alien dies.
9 Secret of the ninja
Jay Libold
jack and his sister found a knata sword. so they go to a sensay a at a dojo and they want to back into time and they have to go through training so the did it. then they when back into the future and an airplane drop it.So they did not know who gave it to them.
10 The worst day of my life
Edward Packard
Eric`s mom and dad leave for Hawaii Then his uncle calls and he said Eric could come over. so he gets on the bus and a hurricane starts so he runs to his uncles house. Then a bull charges out him and he runs up stairs and takes a shower. Then when he gets out he has to clean out his uncles pond filled with junk.
11 Woolly Mammoth
Windsor Chorlton
There are 4 kinds of mammoths. There tusks are 6 foot long. An adult mammoth eats 200 pounds a day.
12 The best worst Christmas pageant ever
Barbra Robinson
The Herdsman are the worst kids the burn tool sheds. Then they join the Christmas pageant. And turns out to be the best pagent ever.
13 The Ancient Myains
I don`t rember
Corn is the most important part of a meal. They sacrifice a 10 year old or lower every month. They predict things that woln`t happen
14 diary of a wimpy kid #1
Jeff Kinney
Greg has to go to middle school.Then he dose not get what he wants for Christmas.Then he tries out for a comic, but it dose not turn out so well.
15 diary of a wimpy kid
Jeff Kinney
Greg has to join a sport because his dad does not think he is getting enough exersize so he picks soccer. So he goes to church and his brother Manny makes up this word called ploopy. Then Greg quits soccer a joins boy scouts.
16 The Pittsburgh Steelers
Jim Waxwell
The Steelers were called the steegles back in the 1939.The Steelers were the first team to have cheerleaders.There are 65,050 seats in Heinz Field.
17 The Pittsburgh Steelers
Matt Fulks
Oldest francies in the AFC. Founded by Art Rooney. 6 Super bowl rings.
18 The third wheel
Jeff Kinney
Greg hear about the prom dance so he get a girl named Amy to go with him. Then Greg asks Rowly to be his wingman. Then Rowly stole his date.
Gary Paulson
Brain`s` parents get divorsed. Then he gets on a plane to vist his dad. And the plane crashes. Then He is saved.
20Skate bording
Bill McAuliffe
The average skater is 14.Skaters wear baggy pants to protect them when they fall. 2001 X games was held in Philidelphia .
Steve Parker
Animals that live in shells have skeletons. Bat has the thinist bones. Sea lions flippers have no bones.
22 Running Backs
K.C. kelly
Wille parker from the steelers played 2 postions rb and wr.The most popular run play is a sweep.Clintin Portis ran for more 1500 his first season.
23 Maniac Magee
Jerry Spinelli
Maniac magee`s parents die in a trolly acident. so he moves in with his unncle and aunt Dot and Dan. Then he runs away from them and meets alot of people and gets into fights with mars bars.
24Football Players
Troy Polamlou is the blitzer it the nfl.Adrian Peterson was drafted in 2007.Ed Reed has 11 defensive tds.
25Wild life
Cynthia DeFelice
Eric gets the news that his parent are going to the millatry. Then he has TO move in with his aunt. so then runs away with his dog and a gun into the wilderness.Then he gets found.
car - Remember that important words in the titles of books get capitalized. (Life should be capitalized.) I am glad that you met the due date for the 25-book requirement - good job!